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Ana Lucia Barguil

Congratulations, Belen! 

I took this course too, and you made an excellent summary of the content. Brilliant!

My digital artefact is much simpler than yours, but I used Storyline too:


Thanks to Stephanie that inspired me!



São Paulo - Brazil
Belen Casado

Hi Ana Lucia, 

I really liked your artefact!

It's very elegant, and I like the transitions, as it seems to move from bottom to top, like in an infography.

I didn't get good feedback because mine is more a summary than an explanation of anything, but I run out of time and decided to build something to help me remember how the course was.

Well, I hope we meet in a next MOOC, or better, right here in E-learning Heroes!


Madrid - Spain

Ana Lucia Barguil

People are really different. 

I loved your artefact exactly because it's a summary, and it shows that you made good reflections about all the subjects we've discussed. You included the links to the videos, this is a good idea. 

It's interesting, we've had the same idea, the word cloud about "The classroom metaphor" forum. It was a great forum, it shows that teachers all around the world have the same problems, but nobody knows what to do.

See you!


Belen Casado

Hi @Daniel, and thanks for visiting this modest demo...

The thing is that I didn't include audio for 2 reasons:

  • I can't speak a perfect English.
  • Music wasn't possible when using different slides.

So I decided to be "mute", and most of the other artefacts I've seen had sound...

As for the films, I added screenshots but put the links in the Resources section. I received negative feedback about this, as sometimes I put there a screenshot but explain nothing.

What I recommend, and I'm sure that @Ana will agree, is to watch the videos linked in the Resources area. They really give you a whole picture about what was going on in the MOOC. These videos have a professional level, indeed.

Thanks again for visiting!

Belen Casado

Ana Lucia Barguil

Hi Daniel,

The videos are really good, as Belen said. The course had two themes, each week had some videos and texts and we discussed in foruns and all kind of social media.

Utopias and Dystopias

Week 1: Looking to the past

Week 2: Looking to the future

The videos are "Inbox" to "Charlie 13".

Being Human

Week 3: Reasserting the human

Week 4: Redefining the human

The others videos.

For the final assessment, we developed a digital artefact about a topic of the course. Only those who submited an artefact could give feedback to the peers. We evaluated three works, and received three feedbacks from peers.

A MOOC is a fantastic experience. If you have time, I suggest you watch the interview with the youngest student of a MOOC. It begins at 2:00:



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