Demos: Restricting Movement Forward and Backward

Jan 14, 2015

I'm creating a course that uses a few tell/try demos. I am required to restrict my courses so that learners can only move forward when they have completed the interactions on each screen. The are permitted to move backward, however. How do I best set up my demos so that the learner has to access them once, but isn't required to go back through them if they decide to go back in the course? Right now, even with the 'restricted' menu settings, it's still requiring them to complete that screen again using the 'Next' button.


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Lisa,

Are you talking about when the learner exits the course and comes back at a later date? If so, the learner should be able to pick up where they left off by choosing the "resume" option the is displayed in the pop-up when they open the course again.

If you're talking about a learner that returns to a previous slide during the same session and has to complete the slide again in order for the next button to work, try changing the slide properties to "resume saved state". 

Another option would be to add a condition to your next button so that it only appears when the learner has completed the interactions on the screen. Since the interactions would still be considered "complete" when they revisit the slide, the next button will still be visible.

Let me know if that does not answer your question or is unclear.


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