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Jul 13, 2011

Hello, I recently saw the design mapping tutorials and would like help with my Security Awareness course...mainly the template design.  SME stated nothing "cutesy" but would like a 'polished' and 'professional' look and feel to the course so our users take the topic seriously.  I have the 'shell' fleshed out, but it still looks and feels like PowerPoint to me with so much info.  Some of the module topics are Security Guidelines, Social Engineering, Internet Safety, Email Safety, Identity Theft, Physical Security...etc.  Each module has an Intro, Objectives, Content slides, followed by Summary and Knowledge Check.   Normally I intuitively can 'see' the design when I take on a project...but I feel like I've hit 'designer block' on this one. 

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David Anderson

Great question, Deborah! Security Awareness is a cool topic and something we can have some fun with.

The design mapping tutorials are a good process for identifying the design objects, elements, people, etc for a specific topic. I set up a Google Docs page if you'd like to work it out together.

The first thing we should do is go through the categories and try to capture as many generalities as we can. The thing to remember is we want to list the most typical and obvious elements--we want to avoid being too clever or creative here.

Leah Hemeon

I'm actually building a similar course now. We chose to use photos of people that might work in our company (but don't) as characters in a scenario that weaves through the entire course. The main two characters are a manager and a new employee. The manager is teaching the new employee some of the policies. The learner makes choices as they go about what the characters need to do. The overall slide layout is a very simple white background with the characters coming in by animation from left and right and their speech balloons are subdued with a professional type (no handwritten fonts for this one). We were asked to use company colors so we used those to highlight certain pieces of text for the policy and as borders when needed. The result is a very professional scenario based course.

We did the assessment as scenarios too using the same characters.

I wish I could share a couple of slides but it's proprietary to our company so I can't. I do hope this gives you some ideas though.

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