Developing a course/curriculum when portions of content change frequently

Oct 23, 2017

Does anyone have experience creating a course or series of courses that are all linked together, but you may need to update one portion of the content?  What is your approach? We are exploring the option to set up our products training as a mind map/exploration-type course, but there may be changes to certain aspects of the courses due to the constantly changing nature of our business (healthcare tech).  We have the option to set up a curriculum in our LMS, but I'd really like for people to be able to see a main menu/visual which indicates which areas they've already explored when they launch the course.  Not sure if it's possible to have that main menu/visual maintain user information if having to re-upload the course.

I hope I'm making sense - thanks in advance!



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Deidre Ellis

The linear way the courses are presented. They are currently separate courses, but many of them are related. So we'd ideally be able to have one point of entry where they see a visual of the relationships (similar to a mindmap) of many of the organization's products and tools and explore that way.

I wonder if we could develop the mindmap or visual for the course in storyline using hyperlinks to Rise courses. The rise course URL would not change even though the content does, right?

I appreciate the help thinking through it! I'm not sure if what I am trying to develop can be a course - though it would be helpful for people to be able to log in and know which areas they've already visited and which ones they still need to explore.

Allison LaMotte

That's a good idea to create a mindmap-type menu with Storyline and then link to Rise courses. If you share the courses via the "share" link, then you're correct, the link would not change. However if you share the courses that way, you won't be able to track learner activity in your LMS. 

For me the hard part about people knowing which areas they've already visited and which ones they still need to explore is that is sounds like they could have to look over the same lesson again even if they've already viewed it if the content has changed. I'm not sure how you could make that update automatically.

Deidre Ellis

That's very true. I wonder if we might be able to just push announcements through about which courses have updates and what those updates are. If a product goes through a name/brand change like some are doing right now, not everyone would need to go through that course again because they only need to understand the function of the product at a high level. So maybe the announcement will alert everyone and those who are directly impacted can review the course.

Not sure - but will keep thinking it through with the team here. Thanks, Allison!

Astrid Acase



Hello Deidre,



I am in a similar situation and I am  in health care as well. We have to develop a lot of mandatory training and your question is great. Perhaps, and correct me if I am wrong, take the old content for the update and use it as a quiz at the beginning of the course to remind the learners of content already covered and connect it to the new content strategically. Also, I am trying to figure out how to have people send their requests on time and not last minute. On the other hand, it seems like the agencies demand that we provide all the content they want.



Thank you




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