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May 03, 2019


I did some research and have not been successful (perhaps in interpreting the answer). I am putting a course together that has a main page that requires the user to click on button to access a customized scene that includes a quiz. I'd like for a check mark to be displayed once the user has completed the quiz for each button. 


I've attached my content and need your help. Thank you in advance!


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Virginia,

In the attached version 2 of your original Storyline file I have created a Complete state for each of your character buttons, which includes a check mark. I have then created three new True/False variables, BlackGuyComplete, WhiteGuyComplete and AsianLadyComplete (matching the names of each of your characters), that are changed to True when the Next button is selected on the Results slide for each section.

This variable is then used to change the state of the the appropriate character to Complete and, at the same time (by being used as a condition in the original trigger) to disable the button for that character. If you don't want to disable the button, all you need to do is to go into each of your original Jump to Slide triggers and remove the condition.

I noticed some repeated triggers, which I have removed as they served no purpose. I have added a trigger to the Next button on slide 2.1 and have copied this button onto 3.1 and 4.1 for consistency. I have also removed the three hotspots on Slide 1.1 as you can use your images as hotspots without the need for the extra hotspot on top.

Hope this helps.

Joey Buys

Hi Virginia.

Ned did some amazing work in streamlining and optimizing your course. I have fixed your request for the complete check to only be present once the user has passed the assessment. This was very easy to do - I simply moved the trigger that Ned build (to mark the section as complete i.e. AsianLadyComplete, from the base layer to the Success layer and changed the criteria to change the variable 'When the timeline starts'.

I also removed the character / button 'disable' feature as per Ned's instructions and your request.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Virginia,

Your error, which is one I have seen often and is easily made, was to use the Visited state. This is one of Articulate's built-in states and, although it has its uses, this unfortunately is the wrong time to use it.

What is happening in your version is that the second you click on the button it is regarded as Visited and so the check mark is appearing in the split second before it jumps to the quiz slide. Irrespective of whether or not the user passes the quiz, the button will always be considered as Visited and so the check mark will always be present.

In the attached version I have removed your Visited state and replaced it with a Complete state, as in my previous example, changed the trigger accordingly and now it is all working fine.

Just in case you are unsure about naming new states, you don't have to select an option from the drop-down list, you can just type your own state name in the dialogue box when it comes up.

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