Displaying Articulate Courses on SmartBoards

Jul 21, 2011

Has anyone displayed an Articulate course on a SmartBoard or other interactive whiteboard technology?  I have to create some interactive lessons for an elementary school teacher and was asked if the children could do the lessons on the SmartBoard.

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Mimi Rivera

Yes. they can.

Today I tried two lessons on the SMART Board.  The two lessons are html outputs of Articulate. They both became interactive on the big screen of the SMART Board.  That is I can use your finger to move or click an object.  I can even scribble something on the Articulate page.  When I write, it gets 'written' on a transparent top layer. 

SMART Boards can do this from SMART Notebook version 10.8 onwards (current version is 11).  The digital ink layer enables the interactivity to work with other software like browsers, PowerPoint, Word without having to use SMART Notebook software itself.  The level of interactivity will not be exactly the same as working withing SMART Notebook itself but I believe it will be adequate for most uses.   The toolbar can even be customised to add or remove functionality.

SMART Notebook v11 also offers the ability to show the browser within the SMART Notebook page but I don't think most users will need to use this unless there is reason not to use the external Internet Explorer or other browser already on the computer, I don't see it necessary or beneficial to use SMART Notebook's Internet browser for an Articulate html.  The default external browser works for general use and gives a known level of security against malware.

Sorry this took a year to be responded.  I joined last week.  I am new to Articulate but have been using and teaching the use of SMART Boards for a year now.  I am happy to clarify any other question from the Articulate community. I can even try any Articulate lesson and provide feedback.

Fern McCracken

Hi Mimi,

Thanks so much for your information on smart boards.  It is very timely as I am currently working on creating some Articulate online activities for the classroom.  Thanks for your offer to try out and test some of the tutorials that we create.  As soon as we have some in a completed state we would love to have your feedback. What is the best way to send them to you?

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