Ditch the "Duhs" in Compliance Training

Dec 22, 2011

Hello Heroes!

I recently came across a great article by Colby Fordham that addressed compliance training and the tendency to present obvious and boring material. It also includes demos created by the folks at Pepsi. I recently included these in another thread, but I wanted to share it with the rest of you as well. Most of our training is not live action video, but it still gave me some great ideas. I would love to hear any ideas it may trigger for you and how we could interpret it into ppt/articulate.

Ditch the "Duhs" in Compliance Training

Pepsi Demo 1

Pepsi Demo 2

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Melanie Sobie


Thanks for sharing this information!  These are excellent scenario based examples that cause the learner to think and relect = meaningul interaction.

I think this type of scenario could be replicated in ppt/articulate. I'm thinking of a few specific scenarios where you could use a series of still images of the people, one after the other, that move very slowly and slightly just to create a little visual interest , while recorded audio narration provides the dialogue of the scenario between the two characters. 

Braden Gogel

Thanks for sharing, Natalia! I like how the second demo really pushes the learner to connect with the content by categorizing their own reaction to the statements. On top of that, the statements were excellent examples of real-world scenarios.

I don't think that Quizmaker allows you to display a learner's answer to a previous question, but it certainly lends itself to creating the same type of interaction with the content that we see in demo 2. I look forward to giving it a try!

Randy Rowley

Natalia - thanks for the post and the links! After viewing them, my own conclusion is that it's the thought that went into it more than the presentation format. You can accomplish the same learning effect using Articulate Studio tools. Like Melanie suggested, you can use still shots and voice-over in place of video. Then, for the interactive survey, you can create a Quizmaker Survey. The radio buttons show live in the Quizmaker Survey, which offer the same effect as the check marks in the demo.

BTW, that was a really long lesson - 37 slides! I wonder what the rest of the lesson was like. My guess? Probably a bit mundane and boring. It's hard to make compliance lessons memorable - a few really nice, memorable slides is what most ID's would hope for.

 Again, thanks for the food for thought.

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