Do you have a great "hack" to share?

Dec 15, 2014

I am presenting "Traininghacks" at Learning Solutions 2015.  Here's one from me:

I have a few others of my own for Storyline, Photoshop, etc...

But, I believe:

presenting great hacks >  presenting just my own

If you have a great hack to share- I'd love to have the opportunity to learn it, and pass it along at Learning Solutions 2015 (of course, crediting the person submitting and not claiming ownership).

I am also tweeting findings at #learninghacks


- David

Here is one last non-learning hack for fun ;)


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David Glow


Generally one that isn't obvious.

Here's one- a silly one- but I am surprised at how many folks don't think of it.

You need to transcribe some audio.  Most folks listen to it (recorded call, video...) and type- or even pay to have that done.

Most folks don't think to give the mic on their phone a shot. You'd be amazed at how well it does, and saves a ton of effort.

Stuff like that.  

I know there are a ton with Articulate (I have two hacks with Storyline I am presenting).

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