Do you have an example of explaining Learning Objectives creatively?

Apr 05, 2021

Recently I wrote a blog about Learning Objectives. I tried to figure out linkage between the learning objectives written in the course and their role in enticing a learner to spend quality time on the course. I generally see that IDs use one flat slide for Learning Objectives that has 3-4 statements. 

Have anyone tried to explain the Learning Objectives creatively or spend more than 1 slide on explaining learning objectives?

I am looking for some inspiration and examples.


Gireesh Sharma

If you want to read the blog here is the link:

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David Tait

Personally I think learning objectives simply need to state why the learning is important and what the learner will get out of the training. 

It may be that a learner will gain skills that benefit them in a way that helps them perform better in their role, or it may be that they need to complete a course for compliance purposes, both are motivating for different reasons.

As far as creative ways of presenting learning objectives goes, my preference is to get to the point quickly. We could put a load of interactions around the info but it delays the process of actually reaching the learning content.

Sometimes it works to include a recorded (audio/video) message from a leader from within the organisation to help encourage learners to buy in to the training process, so I guess you could replace the written list of objectives with this, although I would err towards having both, as I find that a written list doesn't leave any room for interpretation.

Andy Houghton

One idea is that people initially approach courses from different perspectives. Some want to know what the content is, others what the structure is and others how it will be used/useful - concept - structure - use. If you can cover these in a short introductory passage, then you should be able to 'attract' a wide range of users. This is a very brief explanation, and I've taken short cuts.

Personally, I find break objectives down into Knowledge, Skills, Attitude and Awareness helpful and have written more about this here:

Gireesh Sharma

Hello And. Thanks for your comments and sharing this post on me. It was so compelling that I have to write about this on LinkedIn especially to my colleagues. 

Second, I shared your information security video to my IT team and have asked them to show this during our training session.

You were right - You can only aware me - Its is up to me how I use that in KASA.