Do you need freelance help?

Oct 08, 2013

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Nick n/a

Hi Nick,

Do you have a portfolio, examples of your work or a blog that you work on?

Most freelancers have that which makes a big difference when looking at their personal profile here.

I looked at your profile at only found a company link. And your bio was empty. So you're just someone asking for freelance work?

Maybe posting on the freelancers thread would help. Or you could ask others for advice on how best to promote your services here as opposed to: 'Do you have any work available?'

Also you have a Hotmail address. Do you have a professional one as well? I'm just curious.


Nick Martinez

Hi Nicholas,

Yes, I am available for freelance work. I provide examples of work upon request from interested parties. I appreciate your suggestions and will take them into consideration as I move forward. I prefer to use my hotmail email address for freelance work communication as this would be in addition to my main job Mon-Friday. Thank you for contacting me today. Good luck to you.

Bruce Graham

A Hotmail address, used for "professional work" is generally seen as unprofessional.

Even if you register a gmail one for work it would be beneficial.

The more professional you appear to be, the more you will be treated as one, and the more work you will get, whether it is producing as a fulltimer, or as an "eLearning hobbyist".

Everything you do, say and believe has to put you ahead of the other thousands of people trying (currently...) to do the same as you are. Aim for the top not the bottom.


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