Does anyone else find the default forum images a tad disorienting?

Does it throw anyone else off when people who have not uploaded a photo of themselves to the forum appear with one of the generic as their avatar? I like the drawing style, and it does make it more fun when you feel like you are chatting with people, but I've just noticed that I start thinking that a certain one represents someone, and then I get confused when someone posts with the same one.

For example, a lot of different people show up as this guy:

I get how it is supposed to be more fun than having those anonymous silhouettes, but it throws me for a loop once in a while.

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Patti Bryant

What?! I thought that guy was just a genius and could answer all questions! Ha! 

Actually, I hadn't thought about it until you brought that up. I usually click on the name of the individual and find out more about them when it's a generic icon like that (kind of silent stalker like). But, I must say that having a picture to go with the name is incredibly helpful in remembering individuals and connecting with them.

Keepin' the joy,