Drag and Drop - Locking Correct Answers and Returning Incorrect Answers to Initial State


I created my Drag and Drop using Freeform Questions in Storyline 3. I have 8 drag items and 4 drop targets. The drag items are grouped items (rectangle with textbox). After each correct drop, there will be an individual correct message popup (I created this with different 'Correct' layers). After each incorrect drop, the message would be a generic Try Again (only 1 layer for all).

I need help with the following:

1. Lock each drag item after it is correctly dropped (tried to create a motion path with 'Relative Start Point' but does not work).

2. Return each incorrect dropped item to its initial position (tried 'select return item to start point when dropped out of correct drop target' but does not work).

Your help is greatly appreciated!



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Allison LaMotte

Hi Natalie,

I think the problem stems from the grouped objects. I copied the text from the text boxes directly into the rectangles and now it's working.

I've attached my file. I only redid the triggers for the first drag item, so you'll need to do it for the remaining ones.

Let me know if that's not exactly what you were going for.