Drag and Drop Options



I'm currently creating a drag and drop question. I have more than 4 options that need to be dragged into assigned boxes. My question is, when if i got the arrangment wrong, and i click on "try again", is there anyway to make those options return to its initial position again?

Or return the wrong ones to their initial position and leave the right ones in tact.

Kindly advise

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Megan Corker

You can set a variable that says 'If [Object is state drop incorrect] then [move object along motionpath-1] when [User clicks button 'Try again']. Set up motion paths for all of the possible places that the user could drop the answer which take it back to it's original position. The object only moves along the specific motion path if the answer is incorrect after they click the Try again button. Hope that helps.

Kiran Dhot

Hi Megan


I actually solved this for the first part,


On the drag and drop slide, i set the properties to return to initial when revisiting.

Then on the try again layer, I changes "hide layer" trigger which appears by default to jump to slide XX ( which is the actual slide)


This way the options are returned to initial state when revisiting.