Drag and Drop Template? 9 items


Does anyone have a template for a drag and drop with 9 drags and 9 targets? Or an easy way to build one?

See attached .jpg for what client wants. 

See attached story for how I think it could be done but the only problem is that the drags all end up in a heap on the target rather than nicely in the rows of a table. 

What I am wanting is A,B,C to go to Hotspot 1, DEF to go to Hotspot 2, GHI to go to Hotspot 3 but all line up nicely. If I did 9 hotspots then they would have to be more stringent than I need. 

Thanks in advance!


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Mark Siegrist

I recently had a similar requirement but it originally had only 6 "tasks" that needed to be dropped to one of two targets. Each "task" was a fairly lengthy sentence. I struggled fitting everything on a slide and making it look balanced/nice, so eventually talked the SME down to 4 tasks and much shorter sentences.

But then I happened to check out the Drag and Drop Properties and noticed there is a feature to show only one "task" at a time. This works nicely for lots of drag items, and paired with the other settings it can make this type of need work.

In a nutshell, here's what I did:

I had two targets, but three would work fine too. I put my two targets on each side of the slide. In your course I'd put them in the bottom half/third.

Set the Drag and Drop properties so that:

  • Only one draggable shape is shown at a time.
  • The targets can have more than one correct answer.

Then, and I forget off the top of my head where this setting is, but for the targets, set them so that the dropped items will tile. This will make it so that when you drag one to the target that already has one correct item in it, it will nicely 'bump' the existing one down some and allow space for the new shape.

Hope this helps.