Drag and Drop with Conditional Variables - Changing Object Behavior

I'm building my first course using Storyline, and I've stumbled on a slightly annoying behavior I just can't seem to correct.  I'm using custom drag and drop triggers (not a Freeform slide) with a conditional variable check to prevent the user from moving on too early (the drag and drop interaction leads to a slide jump), so in short it looks like this:

When [object 1] is dragged and dropped onto [object 4] AND [objects 1/2/3] have been clicked, jump to [slide].

The problem is, if the AND condition is not satisfied when the user drops the object, it snaps onto object 4, and does not return to its original position.  I have enabled the "drag return" option on each of these objects, but that doesn't seem to fix the problem.

Anyone have any idea how to solve this?  Is there a way to add a conditional drag and drop where it is returned to its location if the variable conditions are not met?

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Patrick McDonald

Unfortunately, I can't share out this particular piece of work.  I did, however, use the Drag & Drop options on the drag & drop target to cause the objects to stay where the user puts them, rather than sticking to the middle.  It's not a full solution, but it was an improvement.

Thanks for your willingness to help!