Drag and Drop with No Correct Answers

I'm trying to create an opinion-based drag and drop to provide interactivity; no correct or incorrect answers.  15 selections to be dropped into five shapes ("Drag into the squares below the five products with which you're most comfortable").  As I understand it, question slides require correct or incorrect responses, so they don't apply here.  Is there a Storyline 360 tutorial, or can someone suggest a way to make this happen?

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Bob Mansur

Outstanding!  Thank you, Wendy.  This looks very much like what I'm looking to produce.  I intend to try early next week to replicate what you've created here.  One lingering question:  When I click on the Submit icon (checkmark in lower right corner), I get the response in the attachment.  Hitting OK on the response simply returns me to the slide; I can't move forward.  (I added a subsequent slide to your work and then previewed the scene.  No forward advancement.)  Looks like I might simply have to replace the Submit icon with a Next arrow.  Does that sound right?


Wendy Farmer

Hi Bob

It was a very rough sample and without knowing your other requirements...so I've rejigged some triggers to make it go to the next slide but the build of the slide would depend on:

  • Do you want a feedback layer to display before they move to the next slide
  • Do they have to drop all 15 statements? If so, do they get a hint popup if they don't? If not, do they get any feedback or just go to the next slide.

Anyway - take a look and if I can help any further let me know.