Drag and Drop without any correct answers or feedback

I am creating an activity with many drag items and no correct answers, as a way for learners to reflect on how they respond in a certain situations.

My three drag targets would be Always, Sometimes, Never. These would be hotspots and I would like the answers to be tiled underneath. There would be no right or wrong answer. I would like storyline to reveal the drag items one at a time and users to drag the item to the appropriate box for them.

How can I do this? The drag and drop freeform interaction doesn't allow you to not have a right/wrong answer. I don't need any feedback as it's just a reflection activity to get people thinking at the start of the e-learning. Thank you in advance.

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Judy Nollet

To expand on what Nejc said: 

  • Go to the Slide Properties.
  • Deselect the Submit button. This will delete the associated trigger that submits the interaction.
  • Select the Prev and Next buttons.

  • The Correct and Incorrect layers won't be shown without the submit-interaction trigger. But I suggest deleting them to avoid confusion. 

That's it! The draggable objects and target will work as per your specs, but without scoring anything as right or wrong.