E-Learning Vendor Management Guidelines

Nov 12, 2017

Hey Folks!

I am looking to create some guidelines that will enable my organization to work effectively with outsourced eLearning vendors. Any guidance/sample documents would be greatly appreciated.

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Ashwin: I spent a handful of leanish years as contractor. Here are a few general guidelines:

1. Know what your expectations are regarding the solution to be built. What do you want as far as look and feel? Communicate these expectations to your vendor. If Moses were an elearning developer, this would have been the first one etched on the ol tablets. 

2. If you have a mammoth project, break it up into pieces. For instance, you could hire the vendor for piece 1 -- figuring out what they heck the learning solution needs to be. If you must part ways, it'll be a whole lot easier.

3. Create realistic timelines, and then add a 25% buffer. Issues usually arise.

4. Archive the assets you progress through the project. This will protect you if the vendor disappears, or a particular employee of a vendor disappears and takes your course files with him. 

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