Embed activities from the web, and import the data


I am looking to build a Tour de France review activity. It would be best if I could incorporate activities/challenges from outside of Articulate(like Quizlet for example) for timed activities to test their knowledge. I am writing to inquire if it is possible to capture/code it in such a way that the data from the 3rd party site is included in my experience. 

Example - Stage 3 - er verbs. I embed a timed activity from a 3rd party app that challenges them to sort or identify the verbs. The user scores 120 points, or does it in 39 seconds. I would like that data to be included in the variables within my project to then build a leaderboard visual.

I hope that makes sense, any idea if what I am proposing is possible. I know I can create all the interactions myself within Articulate, but looking to save time, with better activities than I could probably build. 



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Allison LaMotte

Hi Eric,

The only way to include these in your Storyline project would be by inserting a Web Object (learn more about that here), however there's no way to score those. There may be a workaround involving coding, but that's not something I'd be able to help you out with. Maybe someone in the community has an idea of how to make that work.