Embedding TTS in Storyline?

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I'm working on a project that requires learners to work on counseling skills. The idea is they read/listen to a patient comment and then type the appropriate response in a data entry box. I've got this part down. The catch is that I want the learner to be able to also listen to the response they typed in to the data entry box. I've looked at a bunch of text-to-speech (TTS) applications online. These are primarily geared toward typing something in on a web page and clicking a "listen" button to hear the typed text. Or they are geared toward recording the audio as a .wav file so you can insert it in your project (akin to using it as voice over narration).

I looked at inserting a TTS site like Listen as a web object. I also tried inserting Google Translate as a web object. But, then I ran into the whole mess of web objects not working, as described here: Web Objects. I made sure it wasn't the first two issues, so it has to be an iframe issue.

Can anyone think of a way to somehow embed this functionality into a Storyline course? I don't need to record the audio snippet. I "just" want the learner to type it in, click a submit button, and have it read back. Maybe some type of Javascript solution?

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David Lindenberg

Thanks Owen. Sounds like a cool demo, but I couldn't even get it to work in Chrome. Looks like this thread started toward the end of 2013. I wonder if it has to do with the whole not allowing frames issue:

If your web object still won't display, it's likely that the hosting website has configured its X-Frame-Options to SAMEORIGIN or DENY. This means it can't be viewed in an iframe, such as a web object container in Storyline. A common example is Facebook.

I'd need it to work across all browsers anyway. I'll keep searching or maybe someone else will chime in.