Encouraging outside reading from within eLearning

May 01, 2017

Hi everyone,

I am creating eLearning modules that require the learner to read a lot of outside documents. I.e. the learner needs to have a good understanding of a piece of legislation or at least a particular section.

Example evidence requirement:

"The scope, coverage, and object of the <example Act> are explained"

How can I meet this requirement without either copying and pasting all the important information into the eLearning (as it's important the learner finds this themselves)  or simply stating "you must have a good understanding of XXXXXX"?

Apologies if the question is unclear - feel free to ask me anything for clarity.

Thanks in advance.

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Joanne Chen

Hi Jason,

You can create scenario-based questions and attach those documents as references for user to use it as a hint to select the correct option. Don't worry about if users not read those documents,  in fact, if they can make a correct choice, why bother them to read it. The point is you need to create a good scenario with some good questions.

Bob S

Hi Jason,

Good question. To get started you might want to quantify what "required" means in this case...

  • They Must Know The Topic: Then to Joanne's point, you may not care that they read the actual document, only that they can apply the knowledge.
  • Want Them To Read The Particular Document: This can happen when a stakeholder believes a particular document is the quintessential source of knowledge and/or it is specific to the organization somehow.  In these cases, you might consider creating scenarios/situations where they have to apply knowledge specific to the document (not just topic) such as asking them about the example it calls out, or summarizing main points, etc
  •  There Is A Regulatory Requirement:  In some industries/sectors there remain specific language/passages that a learner must pursue in order to satisfy the regulatory requirement. In these cases, your hands may be tied a bit. It's often advisable to partner with the actual regulator who will be testing your compliance to see if any options beyond full inclusion are acceptable.

Hope this helps!

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