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Erica Rutherford

Hi Jim,

My LMS administrator has steered me away from using Storyline because I cannot prove that it can perform error handling. I don't see that you got a response and am curious if you've learned anything more since you posted. I'd also be curious to know what errors you experienced and with which LMS.

Many thanks, Erica 

Jim Zoeller

Hi Erica,

The issues that we have are not specific to Storyline. I am speaking mostly of timeout issues or when the LMS loses connection with the course. Most courses will let you continue viewing the content, but only fail when it tries to bookmark or send a completion status to the LMS. In those cases, we would like for the course to let the user know that they have lost connection and they should go back to the LMS and login. Do you have similar error handling using another development tool?


Rick Nusz

So this may be way off base....

We have a set of storyline modules and when the user finishes one the status is sent to the LMS as completed. This was supossed to make the next part live so the user could continue. However, I could not get it to do so and it nearly drove me crazy. Everything looked good to me.

What I have found is that I HAVE to use the built in templates in Storyline for Quizzing & Results pages. I just use the blank ones provided by Storyline and put whatever I want to display. 

At that point, Storyline and the LMS cooperate correctly. I have noticed that the course will resume at the point of disconnection from the LMS and not necessarily the point where they stopped.