Interactive Video Example - mobile compatible, micro learning, branching scenarios

Jul 24, 2017

There have been many discussions on the topic of interactive videos during the past few months. We faced a lot of issues with mobile operating system compatibility, especially with the iOS. There have also been some problems with videos freezing on Storyline 360 when users repeated the course. It seems that we have conquered all technical capabilities and we can now use Storyline 360 as a great tool for interactive video production. For example, we have developed a video for one of our potential clients in the Croatian language with English subtitles. Feel free to go through the built-in questions and deliberately provide incorrect answers to see how the branching scenario functions. I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions, and I would be happy to answer your questions. Feel free to share examples of your interactive videos!

For the eWyse demo, please follow this link: 

eWyse Interactive demo example


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Nicole Legault

Hi Mario!

Thanks so much for sharing your example of interactive video created with Storyline here in the community. It looks awesome! The only thing that I would consider changing/improving is the default grey player that wraps the video. It doesn't look BAD but it could maybe just look more modern/neater by changing the colors and making it more of a flat-design look, without the stroke around the buttons. Just a thought! I'd also change or remove the title from the top of the player. Those are my only suggestions! The content itself is great. Nice quality video, the acting and the script is really nicely executed. Good work!

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