Example for download: Rate a scenario, view summative results

The following slide was designed for trainees to practice evaluating a scenario and then rating the situation using a slider. The results of user input are recorded and then displayed in the main layer and a “Reflection” layer where a narration describes what it means. Each scenario is revealed progressively so that the trainee experience can be controlled according to the desired revealing of information.

Use case: This was used in a training exercise to emulate the experience of evaluating a situation’s level of risk based solely on the information provided in a scenario and background.

Design: Variables were created for each slider to record the ratings and then displayed cumulatively for each scenario. Color codes were integrated into the numbers to provide a visual sense of urgency/risk.

Layout: Please CHANGE THE LAYOUT DESIGN so that it looks more like your own design and less like the design I provided to my client.

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