Example of what you can do with Storyline :)

I have had the pleasure of working on a large project with Phil Mayor over the last year on a bit of a 5-module epic.

The main challenge that we were set was to try and make Market Research techniques interesting. In this project, we both had strengths – mine was the “idea-generator”, critic (!) and sounding board with client. Phil thinks in terms of variables, triggers, layers and conditions – and makes the vision a reality. Neither of us possess any weaknesses

Last week a learner said “5 hours of eLearning, and it only felt like 45-minutes. I wanted to take it again” – which for me is about as good as it gets.

Here are some examples of the sort of thing we came up with:

1>     A slightly “off-piste” Navigation Map

2>     A fun “hub-Menu” with a slightly unusual, product-related progress meter…

3>     “Alice’s room” and “Bruno’s room”.

a.       Alice and Bruno are influenced in their purchasing decisions by things that happen in their homes. There are a few (not too well) hidden videos and other “stuff” that happens in these “scavenger hunt” style interaction, see if you can find them all. We only built a couple, and then the client asked for more which was refreshing.   J

                                                               i.      Both interactions count what items you find no matter what the order is.

4>     A game to assess how much people know about market research statistics – a vision turned into reality by Phil’s ingenuity. I still have no idea of how much of it actually works…..

In case anyone loves the visuals, and wants to contact her, my illustrator is the wonderful Laura Jones who can be found at http://www.veryvermilion.co.uk

Hope these show you what Storyline is capable of – absolutely nothing “non-standard” here. Sorry we cannot share the .story files.


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Phil Mayor

Daniel Brigham said:

Nice work, Bruce and Phil. It's given me a few ideas. Perhaps let reviewers move on before clicking all 9 items? I mean, I dig Bruno and everything, but...

Very nice graphics.

Thanks Daniel, This was a client requirement, we wanted it unlocked they wanted them to see everything. I hate locking things dwn .this was the first one we did for them, over time they began to understand this and later interactions were not locked down.

the main reason for the answers is to ensure they can move on

Phil Mayor

Holly MacDonald said:

Serious hat tip Bruce and Phil...well done. 

Many great ideas here, and sharing snippets is much appreciated. 

Bruce your "radio" voices is another nice touch. I also really liked the nuanced feedback you gave in the shopping cart interaction.

I would love to work on a project with you guys some time, even if its for charity or just for fun. 


Thanks Holly, Always open to doing some charity work

Bruce Graham

@Daniel - fair point. Have amended it now for this demo.


Also added in example of a "video objectives" slide - I was surprised how inexpensive video creation like this can be, and it added another layer of depth and theme continuity.

@everyone_else, thanks for all your kind words!

We still have another 2 modules to go - not sure whether to stick with "comic book" format which the main core was built in, or go for something more unusual


Bruce Graham

@Holly....I am working on something as a "bit of fun..." which you may be able to assist with if it ever gets off the ground.

The problem that I am having (and have been having for a year...) is that if implemented properly the "course" has (potentially) rather a lot of possible outputs - 1 hundred million million (I kid you not....     ).

It would all make sense if I explained it - but I want to make sure it is absolutely feasible before I start to build it!

Will keep you in mind but I think it might just a bridge too far...


Natalia Mueller

Bruce and Phil- LOVE IT! Really well done! 

I can easily imagine clients and even internal customers saying No to this type of course if pitched verbally. If they've never seen something like this in action it's hard to imagine that humor and playfulness can support a great learning experience AND still be professional. This is a great example of all of these things. Not surprising that they ordered more. It's very inspiring. Thanks so much for letting us take a look!

Bruce Graham


Thanks for all your kind comments and observations - we both really appreciate them

Funny - but the whole process of "making it fun" began with a background image we were shown of the shopping aisle, it all sort of grew from there...

@David makes an interesting point about little details - sometimes just the tiniest thing makes a difference. Phil had built the menu, and I just said "off the cuff..." that it would be funny to have the "Can/bottle opening noise" when you clicked on it. It worked, was congruent, and people seem to like it. Could have had a "click" effect, but the "Pfffffst" (?) noise just seemed right.

Hope I speak for Phil when I say it has been a long road but a whole heap of fun!


Phil Mayor

Anne Pead said:

Fantastic work, Bruce and Graham!  I loved the numbers on the 'pre-store influences' - that it numbered the objects you clicked in the order you selected them and not in a pre-arranged number sequence! Very cool - lots of variable and conditions? A nice epic project, well done!

Thank you Anne, The headache the number sequencing caused, is something that i will always remember, it was self inflicted as well.  The client did not request it.