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Nov 26, 2012

I'm trying to convert some of our basic finance training courses to eLearning.  I don't want to just build a scripted powerpoint, and want to add a bunch of interactivity to keep things interesting, so I'm looking for some ideas.

Does anybody have any examples of eLearning course that present technical material (e.g. numbers, math, accounting, finance, engineering, etc.) in an interesting and interactive way?

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Simon Perkins

Hi Bill and welcome to the community!

A couple of questions;

  1. What kind of activities do your students do in your current/normal/traditional training methods re numbers, maths etc?
  2. Have you tried replicating these in Storyline?  The power of variables, triggers and states can be utilities very effectively with 'hands on' activities.
Bill Hettinger


For the on ground classes I present the formulas, numbers etc. either in a Powerpoint/Keynote or I use a flip chart or whiteboard to layout the examples.  This works well in person, but I'm sensing it won't work too well to do the online with scripted powerpoints, hence the question about examples of the way others might have done it.

I haven't yet tried Storyline, but that's actually where I was going with the question.  I've seen some good examples of Storyline produced courses (mostly HR type stuff or how to operate the forklift), and am trying to get a sense of what others have done with their courses.  

Daniel Brigham

Bill: Storyline's variables, in particular its number variables, would be of value to you.These number values let you work with equations. Here is a link to a most helfpul series of tutorials Articulate's staff has developed. http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/adding-number-variables.aspx  On the right side menu, I suggest checking out the "Working with Variables" tutorials.

If your looking for features of Storyline that help content be more engaging, you might find this presentation helpful. Top 8 features of Storyline  Welcome to the forum. --Daniel

Bill Hettinger


Thanks for your comment and the link to the tutorial page.  I can see how the variables could be integrated into some of the exercises so i could actually have the learners working the exercises real-time.  

I'm also glad to see those variable functions in Storyline.  I was looking for a similar capability last year for one of our assessments (different values for different answers, and then different narrative based on how you scored in sections of the assessment) and found that a lot of the packages didn't support what we needed.  

Beth Worthy

Well!!! Try to create some kind a descriptive detail for the course you want to suggest and forward it to the professional company for getting it converted into a more reliable form for adding it up your e-course and there are several technical courses available such as technical courses, business related courses etc.

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