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Hi guys,

I just completed a project on articulate 360, in it, i have got about 10 different scenarios and i created an exit slide in the last scene.

However, i want learners to be able to take the 10 scenarios in any order of their choice, but i just realized that because my exit slide is in the last scenario, Learners may just take the last scenario and exit the course from there without completing the remaining 9 scenes.

Please, can any one guide me on how I can ensure that they are not able to exit the course until they have taken the whole 10 scenarios even though i do not want them to take it in order?

Your responses will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Richard Watson

Here's another approach. Build a "main screen" slide with the links to the 10 interactions on it. The user can pick them in any order. Once selected, they are taken to the appropriate branch for the selected scenario.

When the timeline starts on that slide (set the appropriate variable to True). At the end of each scenario branch, take them back to the "main screen".  After they have completed all scenarios, and come back to the "main screen", you could then enable the Next button to take them to the final screen (or create a new button that appears to do the same thing).

As with Storyline, there is always more than one way to do this. : )