Exiting a Click Interaction

Hi all:

I have created a click and reveal interaction in Storyline for a safety course. I made it so the user double clicks an object (invisible object over graphic) which takes them to a layer that gives some information, then it goes back to the main layer after it is clicked or the time expires. After it is double clicked it goes to a Viewed state. Once all 4 objects are clicked it is supposed to trigger the final layer and then move on to the next page. I have tried doing this several ways, but none are working. Any thoughts from you brilliant folks out there? 

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Amanda Venturino

Hi Keith, can you post the file you're working with? That would help to fix the issue you're experiencing.

My suggestion would be to ensure that all 4 objects the user clicks has a 'visited' state. Then you set up a trigger that once all 4 objects are in the visited state, that the final layer shows up, which should be it's own layer. That should hopefully work for you.

W. Keith Pomeroy

Amanda, thanks for the answer. Part of the problem was that I was using the Hovered state as if it was a layer. I did redesign the page making the hover reveal the layers, and then used the visited state to complete the page.

The only minor issue left is that when they double click the last object it goes immediately to the status of all visited and the user misses one minor piece of positive feedback.

Sarah Hodge

Hey Keith! If you're able to share the story file, I'd love to take a look. It sounds like that last double-click is causing the issue since the learner both finished the interaction but still hasn't viewed the layer.

Another option would be to instead create a next button on the main slide and change the initial state to hidden. Then, add triggers to change the state of the next button to normal when all 4 objects have been visited. Then add a trigger to the next button to show that final layer. This would allow the learner to click on 4th (and last) object and view the layer without it interfering with the slide jumping to another layer, since they'll now need to click the next button to view it.