Feedback for my Articulate Storyline Portfolio

Oct 05, 2016

Hello all,

I have been designing e-learning for a couple of years now in Articulate Storyline and I have lots of examples of courses that I have worked on, but I am not sure that my portfolio reflects my expertise. 

How could I improve the layout of this portfolio, and what other kinds of work samples should include/not include?

Here is the link:

Thank you so much for your help!


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Rachel Barnum

Hi Celeste,

Looking good!

The first thing that jumps out at me is that as soon as I'm in a portfolio piece, I'm not able to get back until I finish the portfolio piece. Perhaps put a bar or something at the bottom that says "return to portfolio"?

Are you intending on placing this on a website? Right now I wouldn't know how to get in touch with you through this portfolio :).

On the "Which of the options below are examples of unlawful harassment?" slide - it wasn't clear that I had to click on the info icon in order to be able to continue. Either I would remove that for the portfolio, or include some instructions. I thought I was stuck for a moment.

On the "What is Workplace Bullying?" slide - I clicked too quickly on the numbers below and can't go back to the definition, which I missed.

On the "Relationship building skills" slide - the menu suddenly appears. Not sure if that's intentional.

I got stuck on the "potential passwords" slide. I've put everything but I'm not sure what I'm missing or what I got wrong, and can't submit it.

One personal thing I look for in portfolios is critical thinking interactivity beyond quizzing, such as branching scenarios. I liked the little dragging email one, for example, but I do wish there was at least one email I could have opened so I knew what a "good" email looked like. If you have examples like that, it may be good to include.

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