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Sep 11, 2015

Hello everyone,

Currently I am preparing an eLearning module for a Business Intelligence Tool-Micro Strategy: How to navigate through the dashboard/scorecard created in Micro Strategy. For that, I have already created first 3 sections. They are: 

1> Introduction

2> Business Intelligence and Tools

3> Value Proposition of Micro Strategy

I am preparing this module for senior leadership, who will look in these charts/dashboards created in MicroStrategy and will make decisions. So it is important for them to understand how the filters will work, how they can navigate through the application easily.

The major 2 parts are still in progress. Please have a look in this module and let me know how can I make it better. Please review the same and suggest or comment.

Here is the link for the file:


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David Tait

Hi Jayanta,

I haven't had time to look properly through your course but the first thing that strikes me is the voiceover being generated by a text-to-speech programme. Personally I prefer to use real voices as I find them easier to listen to. I think they help to add a higher-quality feel to the e-learning too.

Hopefully some other users will pop up soon with some additional feedback to help you.

jayanta adhikari

thanks David, this is the real pain in my organisation...I really have no access to get a good voice over....from some real person....all of them have strong MTI...and as I need to prepare this for global audience...I need some1 with US/UK accent...

Actually i am struggling with this for last couple of years...



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