Filling a syringe

Feb 03, 2017

Does anyone have an example of filling a syringe? I want the learner to pull on the plunger to the correct mark to fill the syringe.  I was mulling over sliders - since it would show the reference points, but I don't want them to touch the "medicine" but the pull on the plunger.  I was also mulling over motion paths and tons of layers.

I figured I would have to use vectors to separate the plunger from the syringe to get the plunger to move separately.  


Does anyone have any thoughts or examples?


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Hoffman  EMS Consulting

Thanks Phil and Paul for replying.

 Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.  I will be using this example  or a variation thereof repeatedly over a multitude of courses.  So, I would like to get this nailed down.

I am trying to make it currently with a drag and drop  of  several rectangles (13). Since I am new to articulate, I would love to do this the easiest way possible. 

I have attached the current slides I am working on. Do you think this is the easiest way?


janaki devi

Hello Tamarah!

I am new to articulate and found your question seems interesting. I have tried to work on it. I didn't find the images exactly so I made the injection using the shapes and used motion path to fill the medicine. I don't know whether it helps you but, please have a look at the .story file. As I am new to this storyline I just want to share my work. 



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