Finding the Time


I often plan fun eLearning projects, such as creating an animated, functioning slot machine or snake & ladders using Articulate Storyline. However, these are fun projects (not a part of work or freelance), and I simply can't find the time to put into these projects.

My latest project is to produce a keyboard controlled character-based Zelda style adventure game using Storyline. I've scoped it out and written down the systems, but it's sat on the drawing board for about 3 years now :'-( I hate to see good ideas (or at least I think so) go to waste. 

Is anyone else like me and struggling to find time to produce eLearning in their spare time, or even the opposite and produces lots in their freetime?

Any tips on how to find the motivation?





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Hi Alex,

You are not alone. : ) I'm pressed for time as well running my eLearning business I was thinking about creating a fun game in Storyline and searched for "Zelda" which lead me to this post. I would be interested in seeing what you have and maybe we could put a short demo together.