Force landscape on phone

Apr 14, 2024

I have a project meant for mobile (540 x 960) and I'm wondering if there's any way to force the project to play in landscape mode, rather than forcing the user to do so manually. A video starts up right up top, and the first few seconds will be lost to them while they spend the time to switch to landscape manually.

I have set the slide size to 960 wide 540 high so when I play within Storyline it looks great. But when I run on an actual phone it's this tiny landscape window until I physically turn the phone AND make sure the orientation lock is turned off. By the time I get the figured out I've missed the first 15 seconds of it.

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Math Notermans

Block start of the project with a 'Turn your screen' modal/message. Something like this image. And then only when users have done whats expected...start with a button on that screen...


With Javascript you could check for the orientation of the phone and when its correct start the project to run. I guess in your case a start button is you do want to prevent it automatically switches back.