Form Simulation Training

Hello all!

I am putting together a progressive discipline training and I want the learner to have the opportunity to fill out a discipline form based on a scenario that will be presented to them. The problem is the responses can vary quite a bit and still be correct responses. Any suggestions as to how I could accomplish something like this? It's not quite cut and dry like some of the other form demonstrations I have seen. 

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Nicole Legault

Hi Layota, 

Thanks for posting your question here in the forums. That's a good one! Using the Freeform Text Entry field question type will allow you to set a wide variety of answer choices, however I understand that sometimes you can't even cover all the possible answers. It might be hard to grade a question like this but I would suggest using a text entry field and a text variable to have the learner enter their answer, and then when you show them the feedback layer, put their answer next to a list of correct possible choices and ask them to review their content against the right choices to see how accurate they are. Potential solution!? Maybe others will chime in with other ideas...

Trina Rimmer

Hi Latoya, 

I agree with Nicole's suggestions regarding comparing and contrasting their responses to the "correct" responses. However, depending on the objectives and scope of your course, you may find it easier to separate decision-making from the form-completion phase of the progressive discipline process. In that way, you emphasize and provide practice on the harder to master skills via the scenarios. Then you can make filling out the form more of a compare & contrast/reflection exercise using the text entry field. Again, I don't know if that's a good fit for your situation...

Good luck with your project! Hope you'll share with us what you decide to do.