Tracking free form questions when exported to the web option

My team is creating a training module and created an intake form using storyline 360 to gather some basic information from our training participants. We have exported the training modules to the web and not to an LMS (but plan on using them with an LMS in the near future). As of now, any responses from our intake form do not seem to be tracking (no one is receiving an email with the responses and I can’t find anywhere on the Articulate site they would be stored). Can you track responses from a storyline block when exporting a presentations to the web?

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Gren Foronda

Hi Nancy!

Can you share with us how you set up your Storyline course to collect the user responses? Did you use the elements in Storyline, such as Text Entry fields or Survey questions? To track the responses for these, the course should be published and hosted in an LMS.

If you are hosting your Storyline course on a web server, you may embed a third-party tool to collect the responses in a slide in Storyline through web objects. Popular tools include Google Forms or SurveyMonkey.