Forum, searching for topics and meta tags

Sep 29, 2022

I do notice questions about things coming here and the other forum parts that already been answered. Apparently users cannot find those posts.

It might be an idea to add tags to posts so that a user can search/check in a specific tag so he know he/she can find whatever searching for. 

It would be beneficial for all. Some basical tags can be predefined... audio,javascript,GSAP,menu,player and what seems adequate... and then give the user the option to add custom ones.

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Math! Thank you so much for sharing so many great ideas to make this community better! That would make it a whole lot easier for community members to find answers to questions and topics. I will pass this on to my colleagues. Also, thanks for always jumping in to help answer community members' questions and even going the extra mile by creating story file examples to help them with their projects. You rock!