Freebie: Storyline 2/Javascript Board Game

Hi All, 

I've created a board game in Storyline 2 using Javascript. Attached is the Storyline file for you to use. When you click Roll, Javascript is executed to generate random numbers, which simulates the dice rolling. I've got two SL variables assigned to the outcome of each dice (random number). The game piece also moves around the board as you roll the dice. 

As you will see, this is not a complete game yet, as nothing happens when the game piece moves. However, I plan to program this to jump to a new slide to answer a question on a certain topic. Feel free to make your own spin on this and share your final game. I would love to see how others use this. 

Feel free to leave feedback on ideas or ways I could make this better. 

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Mette Bang Petersen

That is cool! I like that you can make a really entertaining game with a relatively compact architecture in Storyline. 

I noticed that the first "Change state of Button 2 to One" should be "when the timeline ends", because otherwise the player can land on the first spot (One).

And upon testing this, I found out that it's possible to cheat by clicking the "roll" button immediately after the dices have landed but before the marker have moved... But noone's cheating, right!? ;) I think you can fix it by just shortening the timeline.