Friendly eLearning Design Competition

Apr 30, 2013

After reading a couple of posts about not having a good portfolio (or good enough) due to proprietary rights and what-not I, got this idea (fueled by Nyquil and Coffee) that maybe we could start a eLearning design competition among ourselves. I would like to base it off something similar to 11 Second Club competitions.

 We can set up some guidelines and restrictions like slide count and/or length. Also provide a scenario/objective/assets. It doesn't have to be realistic. It is meant to just be fun and challenge our creativity.

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Nancy Woinoski

Phil Mayor said:

David Anderson said:

@Nancy - that's kind of Tom was thinking. Something less formal that resembled Gerry's "Photoshop Friday" activities we used to do each week. Goofy and playful but less focused on awards as much as ways to generate ideas.

A little carrot and kudos, could persuade a lot more to take part, just my ten pence worth

I'm not a big fan of carrots (Yuck) but I like kudos.  I like the idea of fun and informal but I also like the idea of team completions and of having the work critiqued and posted.  Don't see why it can't be a little of both.

Lu Post

This is a great idea and one that we could use to learn from each other in addition to stimulating creativity. I would vote, if possible, to include it as part of e-Learning Heroes - perhaps under a different tab. This site is so full of amazing content, that I think continuing to contribute to its value makes the best sense. I'm on the site all day and would probably not visit another site as often. 

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