Gamification without social interactions

Aug 02, 2017

Hi everyone, so I know gamification gets discussed a lot but I wanted to draw on the communities experience and views as to what works and what doesn't.

So I am currently in the process of designing a revamp to a 160 slide compliance course and I was wondering about the benefits of bringing in gamification.  I will be doing the standard stuff of making the sections bitesized, incorporating video, let the learners chose their own path, etc, but I was wondering whether the implementation of game mechanics would also work.

The plan is to introduce 2 mechanics; points and badges.

I cant have any kind of social link or rankings in there because 1, the LMS doesn't support it, and 2, the company is heavily regulated and we have to be careful about what is shared.

I have planned out the points system and the badges, etc but I suppose my question is, is it really worth it if the learner cant share their achievements? Would people just see it as another gimmick, and ignore it or think it childish?

I'm designing it so its not "in your face", and kind of runs in the background as an "add-on" to the course but I'm just worried I will waste my time designing and building the whole system if people are just going to ignore it without the social aspect or a physical reward.

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Ridvan  Saglam

Hi David, 

In my opinion, gamification doesn't need social and physical rewards all the time. I've been playing a lot of games on my mobile phone but never shares my points or achievements with others, I can see my old records and try to exceed them, though. 

I have created many language learning quizzes played by mostly adult learners. I had the chance to observe them while playing those games, and I can tell you that they don't see them as just another quiz. On the contrary, they want to believe that it is a game and when they lose their lives, or don't like their points at the end of the game, they restart. 

I can't say that all my try outs can give the same feeling. If the material, quiz, course, etc., can't make them feel excited or motivated when they win a badge or lose their points, it is a better idea not to use gamification at all. 

Testing a short version of the course  with some target users may give a better idea if it is possible, of course. 

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