Getting the Camtasia Table of Contents to appear in Storyline 2

Hey guys,

I have produced a video in Camtasia 8 and am looking to bring the video, and TOC, into Storyline 2.

I am launching the html file, so seeing the TOC, but that won't embed in Storyline as a web object.

Does anyone know of a way to bring both the video and TOC into Storyline?



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Will Findlay

There isn't a good way to do this[1]. Sorry to be discouraging. I would export the video out of Camtasia as separate video files and then recreate the TOC in Storyline's menu by importing each as a separate slide.

[1] but here is a klunky way... upload the Camtasia output files to a web server somewhere. Then insert the link to the page on that web server as a web object in Storyline. It probably won't fit very well and will cause other headaches.