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Jun 13, 2013


I uploaded a Camtasia video into my Articulate course, and I had created a TOC inside the video.  When I view the video in Articulate, the TOC in the video disappears.  Is there a way to view the TOC inside the video?  I see it when it's published outside of Articulate.  I still want to maintain the Articulate TOC, but want the learner to be able to navigate to different "chapters" in the video, thus the need for the TOC within it.



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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Michelle!

You're referring to a Table of Contents, correct? Are you using one that was created in Camtasia in the video, or did you try to place one on top of the actual video? 

Also, what is the format of the Camtasia video? Are you inserting it as MP4, SWF, etc.?

It might also help to try one of the suggestions in this thread for inserting a Camtasia video. 

If you could share a little more information, I'd appreciate it.


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