Google Forms Auto Submit

Jul 30, 2013

Hey all,

Slightly off topic, but I'm trying to use a Google form to submit module completions.  For a better user experience, I was hoping to hide most of the form interactions using javascript.

I'm stuck on how to automatically hit "Submit" on the Google form itself.

I've successfully sent a user entered variable to the player in order to build the form URL; however, that's as far as I can get unless I can add something to the end of the URL.  Apparently "&submit=Submit" used to work in Google forms, however, it doesn't seem to be working now.  OR, (and this is likely) I'm not using it correctly.

My intention was to have the user enter their name and click a button which would add their name to the URL and then run the URL.  However, without Submit working automatically it would just pull up the form pre-filled.

Any help would be massively appreciated!


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