Graffiti Video + Photo Viewer

Hi all! Check out this (short) graffiti-themed photo and video gallery:

Graffiti Gallery


I found the background image first, a stock photo from Snapwire, which was my inspiration for the Video E-learning Challenge. I snagged a few other public domain snaps/stock photos, some youtube videos, and I was good to go.

The only issue: while it works great in HTML5, the "mini-player" size transitions between the photos don't seem to sync up correctly (I used motion paths to make this happen). I think this has something to do with a Storyline build issue with web objects on layers (i.e., the Youtube videos). If anyone wants I can share the source file. Any insight is appreciated!

Let me know what you think, and enjoy!

Thanks - Michael

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David Anderson

This looks really great, Michael.  I really like the subtle, animated transition for the video/picture container. 

You should also share this in our image slider challenge:

I've got a bunch of entries to update this week and will be happy to include yours in both challenges.