Guess the techniques I have used in creation of "Car Racing Game" in Storyline 2.

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A car race game created using Storyline 2. This game has three levels. The user has to cross each level by saving his car from colliding with other vehicles. The user can collect coins to increase his score. Right now, each level has unlimited attempts.

I have just added the basic functions in the game. Please do share your feedback to help me enhance it.


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Amar Kulshreshtha
Amar Kulshreshtha

Hi Charlie,

Collision between two cars is the key feature of this game. Here, I have used the timeline reaches option.

I have taken three different instances (left, right, and center) of the Taxi. Say suppose if the left and the right taxi are hidden and the moving car approaches the taxi in the center (timeline reaches 3 seconds), then collision occurs. But, if either the left or right car is enabled, then collision will not occur.


Vince Hirai

Wow great work Amar I used your tips to turn this into a quiz. With luck it can be used to help Kids all over the world learn vocabulary words.  As for feedback: I would vary the crash animation to give it more depths or turn it into a type of quiz so that online learners can have fun and learn at the same time.  Your work inspired me to create this quiz!  Demo   

Amar Kulshreshtha

Hello Mr. Sharma,

Thanks for appreciation, Follow these simple steps to post your game here:

1. First of all you need to upload your game on your domain. You will get a link.

2. Then Go to Discussion Course Building under Discuss Menu heading.

3. Create a new discussion and post your game link there.

For better understanding check the below image.

Hope this will help you..

Thanks :)