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Sep 08, 2011


I've just started creating my first projects. Basically I get ppts from the experts within the company and change them to hopefully more interesting web-based trainings. Currently the experts are supposed to think of the quiz questions to ensure that the main points they want to bring across are focussed on. But it would be useful if I could send them some guidelines. Not so much on the background (e.g. how to make questions valid) but more on what I could make with Articulate's Quizmaker. So something showing them "multiple questions", "Sequence Drag&Drop", etc.

Has anyone got a short overview like this or how do you handle this or am I the only one that gets the questions for the quiz?

Any comments and/or suggestions?

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Bob S


This may not be want you want to hear, but I've found that writing good assessment questions is hard for SMEs.... heck it's hard for ID's too right?

So an alternative is this...

  • Have your SMEs provide you with the topics to be tested on
  • Have your SMEs provide at least one correct and one commonly wrong answer (yes you will need more but that can wait)
  • YOU decide what form the question is best suited to (matching, T/F, etc)
  • Put it back in front of the SMEs for tweaking (and additional incorrect answers)

Good luck and hope this helps,


Kim Alison


Thank you Heidi for the link - that will definitely help.

And thank you Bob - yes, I think in the long run you're probably right. But the experts also always seem to think along the same lines as well and I always seem to end up with something suitable for multiple responses as they don't realise there are possibilities for sequencing, etc. I'll need to put in more work learning about the quiz and seeing whether I can at least change the look for this by using drag & drop etc.

Thank you both for your quick help,


Diane Yamashiro


How about if you provide your SMEs with a template of question types: multiple choice, T/F, sequence, match, fill-in-the blank, and hotspot that they can use to provide you with the Q/A content. Then, create a demo quiz to present creative ways to interpret these questions.  There are wonderful tutorials on this site showing how to simulate multiple hotspots, use images on drag-and-drop, show multiple zoomed images on one slide, use Multiple Response to simulate a table of True/False, use Sequence drag/drop questions to match items, etc.

This way, you make it easy for your SMEs to come up with Q/A in different question formats but you have the creativity to  decide which QM question type will work the best. For example, they only need to know that matching a max of 10 pairs is an option; you choose whether it would be best to do a matching drag-and-drop,  matching drop-down or sequencing drag/drop.

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