Urgent quiz help needed re completion status and not allowing multiple attempts

Oct 08, 2020

I'm stuck and this is a bit urgent. I've been using Storyline for a couple months, so I thought I'd better reach out to the experts in the community.

We just migrated to Absorb LMS from eLogic. We have several timed quizzes with both graded questions and essay/survey questions. Only one quiz attempt is allowed; if the learner loses internet connectivity or quits in the middle for whatever reason, they should not be able to access and re-launch the assessment again.

My questions are:

  • How can we prevent the user from being able to log in and launch the quiz more than one time?
  • How should completion/tracking status be handled? I've tested adding a completion trigger, but if the person quits mid-way thru the quiz, the status shows as "In Progress" so they are able to go back into the LMS and re-launch the quiz. 
  • Is there a way to tell why a user stopped the quiz without finishing it? We can manually re-enroll them if they had a legit internet connection disruption, but we want the quiz completed in one sitting.
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Ren Gomez

Hi Shelly,

Thanks for reaching out, and great call to get a case started with our support team! I see it's been escalated, and one of our support engineers is currently reviewing it as we speak and will reach out shortly!

In the meantime, hopefully someone in the community can chime in with their experiences using Absorb LMS, and you may also want to reach out in this discussion where other users have had similar questions:

I hope this points you in the right direction!

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