Guru Eve: How are you spending your day?

Jun 30, 2015

Now that your entries are nestled all snug on our servers, I'm curious how you're feeling about your projects. Are you relieved it's over? Did you need a little more time? What's going through your e-learning minds right now?

How are you spending your guru eve?

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Phil Mayor

Hi David

I think I got most of what I wanted in there.  I spent lots of time tweaking the experience and UI, I think you will always have what ifs and changes you would make, but this is the best I could do in the allotted time.  Funnily enough for the last two Guru's this was not what I intended to do (I want to do sun safety course) so maybe one day I will do what I intended.

I had to submit to stop me tweaking it, it is a more real world challenge with a set delivery date, I am now catching up on work and forgetting I ever built it.

Overall though I had fun!

Jeff Kortenbosch

I'm lighting up the BBQ and will be buying myself a little Dram tonight!

I'm happy and honored to have participated really. Several years ago I looked in awe at the Guru contenders and now I am one myself! I've submitted a Studio and Storyline entry and as I need to build after hours spend a good few late evenings putting it all together.

I'm impressed with some of the submissions I've already been shown and excited to see more of them.

Good luck to All contenders. You're all winners in my book!

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