Guru Eve: How are you spending your day?

Jun 30, 2015

Now that your entries are nestled all snug on our servers, I'm curious how you're feeling about your projects. Are you relieved it's over? Did you need a little more time? What's going through your e-learning minds right now?

How are you spending your guru eve?

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Jerson  Campos

Thanks Erich, it wasn't to hard to get it to work once I figured out a method. The comets were on sliders and I added a number  variable to the satellite that tracked where it was on the screen. So all i did was add a trigger that added to the damage variable every time the comet moved if the satellite variable equaled a certain number for that comet and the come slider variable equaled between two specific numbers.  Hmm...  sounds more complicated than it really is.  Don't worry I plan on making a tutorial for this.

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