Have You a Great Way to House Your Blog and E-Learning Samples?

Apr 30, 2014

I'm in the process of making over my web approach and could use the advice of anyone who has found a set-up and host they like for both a blog (WordPress, if possible), and their e-learning examples.

My blog is currently hosted by wordpress.com and my e-learning samples are on my own hosted site. Love wordpress.com, but I'd rather self host so my blog/website is under the same domain as all of my e-learning samples. I hate the back-and forth the user experiences going between the blog and the samples.

I just installed wordpress.org and started running a parallel blog on my current host to test it, and it's both ridiculously buggy and slow as molasses - unlike all my other stuff on that site. Support can't seem to figure it out, and I find endless complaints online about self-hosted WordPress sites that are ALL slow as molasses at many different hosting companies.

Have you found a host and set-up that gives you a way to house your e-learning samples online AND gives you a great blog space that's fast and responsive? I'd really appreciate any advice you may have!

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Jay Yearley

This is quite the journey of a topic here. I haven't been able to read through it all, though wanted to mention I have Godaddy, with a Wordpress installation for a portfolio Website and have some E-learning modules on there.

In case this topic might eventually lead in this direction:

You may also want to keep in mind that the E-learning samples you publish (to go on a Wordpress, or regular Website in general) would need to be published with the SCORM/tracking settings turned off. Otherwise, when they're played, they'll show an error where the module is looking for an LMS.

Now, in a case I ran into, I had some older modules that were done a while back (in captivate), didn't have the source files to, and couldn't republish them without tracking. So to solve this, a few were hosted on cloud.scorm.com. Then put a link to those few modules on the Wordpress website.

The main point I was trying to make was that in some cases you may want (or need to) add some LMS functionality to your Wordpress Website. It is possible with a few plugins. One is Namaste, That plugin seems quite popular, and have heard it works well.

Personally I haven't tried to implement the LMS into my Wordpress website for showing E-learning examples. Just wanted to share that Wordpress/LMS information in any case.

Jeff Kortenbosch

@Simon, I've been able to get Gravatar running.

Setting up the account was 'fairly' easy but I could not figure out where in WP I could activate it. Luckily there are many more people with similar issues and the need to blog about it so I quickly found a blog that explained to me that I needed to set it up in the Discussion section of my WP site. After that I needed to check/change the email address for my admin user to match the email address I used for my Gravatar account.

@Jay, I'm actually thinking about hosting online training in a new or my current WP site and was thinking about LearnDash as I want to sell the training as well as just host it.

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