Having Trouble Getting Piece Color to Change?

Hi, all!

I am working on that new hire board game, and I have a slide where you can choose your gamepiece color and have it show up on the board in the next slide. However, I've tried multiple times and it still just shows up as the original color. :( 

I have one red piece, with a state for each other color. I have a variable called PieceColor set up to show different values (0, 1, 2, 3) if the status is selected, then on the next layer a trigger that says "Change state of GamePiece to Green if PieceColor=2 when timeline starts" or something to that effect. I'm wondering if I'm missing something...can anyone advise?


Thank you so much!

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Katie Farron


Thank you! I'll check it out! I understand if it's too long of a question, but do you mind explaining where I went wrong there and how you fixed it? I was using a sample download of a bicycle game where you could choose your bike color as kind of an outline and for the most part just tried to replicate those triggers.

Katie Farron

So the issue is, I think I want it to jump to slide 1.3, where there are multiple layers for each question when the player drops the token on the gameboard. I got a little confused and made a few extra slides, but is there a way I can delete the extra layers and just have the correct piece color show up on the gameboard slide 1.3? 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Katie

see attached updates to your file.

I created 4 T/F variables default to False one for each colour.  I used these variables in the triggers instead of the PieceColor number variable. I deleted the layer on slide 1.3 and put all the triggers to change badges and jump to question slides on the base layer.

I think it is working how you expect.

Let me know how you go.